Throman Reid

Bring balance, happiness and success to your workplace with our flexible approach to training, personal development, and HR. 

Our consulting service improves your company culture, with a special focus on wellbeing and core values that solves your unique business puzzle. For your staff, we run carefully selected training and coaching sessions to meet their individual and specific needs. Combined? A return on investment that has made our clients between 21-38% more profitable. 

So whether you need to elevate your business systems, upskill your workforce, or improve everyone’s general state of wellbeing – we’ve got you.

Our work is always delivered with patience, practicality and passion. 


Throman Reid is an HR and Wellbeing Consultancy based in Manchester. We work with small and scaling businesses to help them evolve their people management strategy beyond statutory compliance into a robust plan that puts happiness and profitability at equal levels of importance. 

We’re a full service consultancy, with a diverse service offering. From operational HR or supplementing the L&D in your organisation or providing scalable Wellness solutions to truly assist your people, we’ll have options for you to explore. 

But who are we and what makes us different? We’ve walked the path of poor mental health ourselves, so our approach is always built from not just theory but from having lived it. 

We know from personal experience that’s backed by extensive research that happy and fulfilled employees are more productive, which is why everything that we do is focused on enhancing the culture and skill levels in your business to set you up for success.

Why Choose Us


Passion is the spark that lights our fire. It fuels us to strive for better. It’s how we help you shine.

To us, passion is never just a buzzword. It’s in our DNA and underpins everything we do.

We love to share, so we’ll bring that passion to you. So all your staff can benefit, because when people are happy to be at work, it catches on.

Whether you take a one time learning module, or have us embedded long term as part of your team, we’ll bring the passion to you and your people.


Teach a person to come into their power and they’ll be made for life.

Top down management is out of vogue. By leading from the front, you’ll be helping your employees win at work. And your business wins too, because empowered people are great performers.

When you give your people the support and care they need to thrive, they’ll be sure to return the favour. Being mental health aware and leading with empathy is a new and daunting path for many, but you don’t need to tread it alone.

We’ll help you maintain a balanced and peaceful place to work.


Who wants to wander around aimlessly at work?

It wasn’t too long ago that Simon Sinek suggested we “Start with why” and the entire business world went wild. Because there’s no better way to get your colleagues and customers working in sync, than to unite them behind a shared purpose.

We’ll help you to identify and communicate yours, so everyone knows what they’re working towards and how to get there.

Once your business is united behind a higher purpose, you’ll feel the difference. And so will everyone else.

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