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The generic transition support offered to military and law enforcement personnel, understandably, does not cover individual needs. This programme does, it is designed around you and your requirements, giving you time and space to work through what you need to enable a successful transition into your next career.

Courses & Education

Exclusive discounts for cybersecurity-veterans off NCSC Certified training courses, PECB courses, CompTIA courses, technical labs and training bundles with cybersecurity workforce/specialism frameworks.

Physical Health

Our carefully selected partners will be happy to help maintain you physical fitness and offer a range of services and discounts which are regularly updated


Our carefully selected partners will be happy to help assist with your general wellbeing and offer a range of services and discounts which are regularly updated

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The Difference We Make

To date, members have benefitted from savings of circa £200,000 through the provision of discounted and free training courses, discounted CV and interview advice and free career development webinar provision. 30% of advertising revenues is allocated to transitioning military and law-enforcement individuals. Advertise with us to help make a difference to those who have served.

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Transition Preparation

Up to 12 months before leaving we can begin helping you prepare for life after your service .

Transition Support

We'll support you every step of the way from the moment you leave.

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